Credit Card Processing

Tutor's Office SE TM has built-in integration with leading Internet merchant processing services - USAePay, Stripe, and Quantum Gateway. This allows your studio to accept credit card payments without any additional equipment. All you need is one account with any of the three services - USAePay, Stripe, or Quantum Gateway. You can also store credit card data in a secure PCI compliant vault for future charges without taking your customers' credit card data again. Credit payments are automatically applied to your student financial records and are available for your studio's QuickBooks TM. If you don't have an Internet Merchant account you can easily open one here
Tutor's Office SE AutoPay feature makes the collection of outstanding payments much easier. Set it up for your students or their parents and don't worry about your payments being collected on time. Tutor's Office SE AutoPay configuration is very flexible in order to support your studio's payment policy. For example, you may configure AutoPay to charge a student on the 1st of every month for all outstanding items (unpaid lessons, invoices and/or expenses). Or you may want to charge a student on Mondays for lessons he or she is enrolled in next week.
Tutor's Office SE - Credit Card Payment
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