Student Registration Fees and Class Payment Plans

Tutor's Office SE TM supports registration fees your studio might charge students. Choose between one-time, annual and no fee based on your studio policy. Registration fees are included in the student financial outlook and automatically charged if with configured student AutoPay. Registration fees are also charged for all student registrations via your studio public calendar (credit card processing must be enabled).
Tutor's Office SE TM allows you to offer your students installment payments for classes. In addition to a lump sum payment for a class you can offer your customers flexible installment payments. For example, you can charge a student with a one-time $600 annual payment or 8 installment payments of $78 on the 1st of every month. Installment options are very flexible and could be configured to support any payment plan. Installment payments are automatically invoiced or charged for students with configured Auto Invoicing and AutoPay.
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